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Pregnancy Chiropractic in Southborough

Prepare Your Body for Baby

Pregnant woman There’s more than one reason to allow your chiropractor to help you through a healthy, successful pregnancy!

  • The balance and alignment of your pelvis have a close relationship to the function of your uterus
  • The nerves from your sacral region relate to your uterus
  • When your pelvis is properly aligned during pregnancy, you can feel better and experience less low back discomfort.

Before labor and delivery, it makes sense that you want to balance the pelvic area. When there is no interference with this function, the brain and uterus can have clear, open communication.

The uterus is the strongest muscle in the human body when it starts contracting for labor. Our goal is to make sure that the nerves coming from the sacrum are highly functioning with no interference, helping the uterus do what it needs to do.

Benefit Baby in Utero with Chiropractic

It’s not just expecting moms who will find chiropractic care helpful during pregnancy. It’ll also benefit your baby as it grows and develops by making sure there’s no stress on the uterus and that your pelvis is balanced.

When these effects are achieved, the baby may be properly positioned for labor and delivery. Your nervous system being at its healthiest levels means that you’re able to handle stress better, and the baby will then be less stressed. The development of a baby’s personality and emotions starts in utero. The better mom feels, the better it is for baby.

Experience Our Gentle Techniques

Chiropractic care during pregnancy is perfectly safe. Dr. Brooke uses specific, gentle techniques. She is certified in the Webster Technique, which is a system of analysis to make sure the pelvic and sacrum areas are completely balanced.

It’s a low-force technique that will make sure the ligaments that connect to your uterus by way of the pelvis are tension-free, allowing your uterus to move freely and your baby to develop properly.

Newborn baby

Get Checked During and After Pregnancy

Dr. Brooke recommends that you receive chiropractic care throughout your pregnancy for regular checkups. The frequency of visits may increase in later trimesters due to postural, hormonal, and weight changes, but we’ll make recommendations on a case-by-case basis.

Hormones are released as your pregnancy progresses, relaxing your ligaments to open up the pelvis and sacrum and relaxing your spine. This relaxation means your spine is more susceptible to misalignment, making regular checks of vital importance.

After your baby is born, you can stop in to have you and baby checked by Dr. Brooke. She’ll make sure that your baby doesn’t have any misalignments in the neck from the difficult birth process and that your pelvis is returning to proper alignment.

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