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Upcoming Events at Brooke Stillwell Chiropractic


Advanced Health Workshop Series

These COMPLIMENTARY workshops cover the latest information in today’s important health topics.

2018/2019 workshop dates and topics:

September 20 @ 6:30pm: Maximize Your Health
October 17 @ 12:15pm: Mindfulness with Special Guest Sheryl White
November 14 @ 6:30pm: Stress Management
December 5 @12:15pm: Restorative Sleep with Special Guest Jill Vroman
January 16 @ 6:30pm: Reset Your Health Through Healthy Cleanse
February 13 @ 12:15pm: Special Guest Jill Vroman Fitness
March  13 @ 6:30pm: Anxiety and Depression
April 10 @ 12:15pm: Hair, Skin, & Nails
May 8 @6:30pm: Menopause & Female Hormones
June 5 @ 12:15pm: Digestion

* dates and topics are subject to change


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