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The Health Chat - April 2019

Welcome to the Southboro Wellness Newsletter
The Health Chat!

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The best project you’ll ever work on is you.

We are super excited to bring you awesome information each month pertaining to health & wellness! In each issue, expect to find a brief and informative health article, a product highlight, information on upcoming events, a healthy recipe, and a book recommendation.  Our goal is to give you timely, useful, & important information that you can use to nourish your overall health and well-being, in a brief & concise format.  If you ever have any follow-up questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via our website at, Instagram, Facebook, or even by e-mailing me directly at

In health & happiness,
Dr Brooke

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Nutritional Consultations

Let me tell you about something going on at Southboro Wellness that I am over the moon excited about!
I am now offering functional nutrition consultations. Nutritional work is one of my passions and I am literally obsessed with learning everything I can to keep myself healthy and also to promote health in my community. I have over 100 continuing education hours in nutrition, more than thirteen years of clinical experience with patients, and I am constantly doing research to keep myself updated on the current world of nutritional health and research  I specialize in digestion and microbiome health, but I also work extensively with hormone issues, fatigue, and more. My goal in working with nutritional clients is always to find and address the root cause of health concerns and not just quiet the symptoms with a supplement.  Initial consultations are 45 minutes in length and we’ll discuss your health history, perform a metabolic assessment, and do other nutritional exams if needed. I will analyze any of your recent blood work from a functional health perspective, and if necessary, I can refer you out for a variety of testing including but not limited to blood work and gastrointestinal mapping. Call us today to learn more or to schedule your first consultation!

Read more about Nutritional Consultations here.

Product Highlight – Calming The Child Essential Oil

Photo of Essential Oil bottlesThis month we are talking about essential oils, and our monthly workshop on April 10th (at 12:15pm) is Essential Oils 101. So, I thought for our first product highlight, what could be more appropriate than highlighting one of my favorite essential blends. Calming The Child by Plant Therapy: I cannot even begin to describe how much I love this oil blend. If you know me, you know I can be pretty high strung, so Calming The Child is one of my favorites for chilling me out. I use it coupled with Cedarwood at night to go to sleep easily and stay asleep, and I’ll use it throughout the day if I’m feeling particularly anxious.  I also travel with it and use it before and during flight. Calming The Child is a blend of lavender, roman chamomile, tangerine and mandarin essential oils. One of the things I really love about this blend besides its effectiveness, is the scent. I’ve been using roman chamomile oil for over a year for it’s calmative effects, but it’s doesn’t necessarily smell that great on its own. In fact, if I’m in my car and my kids are getting on my nerves, or I’m just in the mood to get on their nerves, I’ll open some roman chamomile because they really don’t love the smell! However, blending the roman chamomile with lavender, tangerine and mandarin creates a very gentle, light, and relaxing scent.  We love Plant Therapy because their oils are clean, therapeutic and most are kid safe and labeled appropriately. Calming The Child is one that can be used on children age 2 and older.  For more information on these wonderful essential oils and how to use them, join us Wednesday, April 10th at 12:15pm for our Essential Oils 101 workshop.

Upcoming Events

Photo of a meeting room with chairsApril 10th – 12:15pm
Essential Oils 101

In this free seminar we will be exploring the many benefits and use of essential oils. Discover a whole new way of using them beyond aromatherapy.

April 23rd – 9:30am
Ari’s Book Club

The Bookshop on the Corner by Jenny Colgan

There is no charge to attend either event.
More events at Southboro Wellness

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Quick & Easy Recipe

Paleo Pancakes
This recipe is so easy!
It contains only 3 ingredients! 2 eggs, a ripe banana and 1/2 cup GF free(almond or coconut). Simply toss all ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth. Heat a griddle, cook evenly on both sides and enjoy!

Store Hours

M, T, W, Th: 10am to 6pm
Friday: 10am to 5pm
(We are located between Red Barn & Sperrys on Route 9 West)

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You’ve got this! Keep moving forward and don’t give up. Your body has an amazing ability to
heal itself when it’s treated well, but remember healing takes time. We are here to support you
on your road to health and well-being.
No question is too small, stop by the store or reach out via email/phone anytime.
Be well,
The Southboro Wellness team

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