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Nutritional Consultations with Dr. Brooke

An Individualized & Patient Centered Approach

Functional Nutrition looks at the body as a whole instead of as individual parts. The goal of a nutritional consultation with Dr. Brooke is to promote and restore optimal health by addressing the root cause of health concerns for each individual rather than only treating symptoms.

Dr. Brooke works closely with each nutritional client on their personal health challenges and helps them take back control of their own health She does not diagnose or treat any specific condition or illness, but rather, provides wellness advice on proper eating along with nutritional protocols. These individualized protocols include vitamins, minerals, herbs, homeopathic remedies, and essential oils that facilitate the body’s own healing process and help restore balance and health.

Dr. Brooke believes that the human body is very capable of healing itself and being well
when it is nourished and cared for properly.

13 years of clinical experience

Dr. Brooke has over 13 years of clinical experience with nutritional and functional health work. She has helped many patients improve the quality of their life through healthy eating recommendations, nutritional protocols and wellness education.

Over 100 educational hours in the nutritional field

Dr Brooke has over 100 educational hours on topics such as balancing female hormones, healthy fats, the aging brain, herbal protocols, digestion & gut health, and the microbiome.

What to Expect

At your first nutritional consultation, Dr. Brooke will take time to listen to you and gather a full health history. She will also complete a metabolic assessment and various nutritional exams. If necessary, Dr. Brooke may refer you for blood testing and other screenings.

A follow-up report of findings will then be scheduled in order to summarize your consultation, exam findings, and any blood work or testing that has been completed. At this time Dr. Brooke will also discuss nutritional protocols and healthy eating guidelines that can assist you in the healing process.

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