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Find the Cause, Don't Mask the Symptom.

With more and more people dying from drug over-doses and effects of prescription meds, its time we look for a new perspective.


It seems that a few times a month I learn of somebody else dying from complications related to either recreational drugs or prescription meds.  But lets face it, many recreational drug addictions that lead to death, especially in the case of heroine, start with prescription pain meds.  I am literally sickened to my stomach and frustrated with our health care system and perspective on health.  Take a minute to ask yourself a few questions.


1. When did we become so afraid of dealing with a little pain and is it necessary to mask it with a medication-  prescription or OTC?

2. Is the pain med actually treating the cause of the pain or is it just masking a symptom?

3. Is there a more natural approach to your pain management?

4.  Have you actually taken the time to read the side effects of the med you are taking?

5. Is the pain or symptom the first sign of an underlying problem in body or the last?


That last question is an important one to ask yourself.  Many people make the mistake of thinking that symptoms are the first sign of a problem and not the last.  We assume that if we feel ok, we must be healthy and we wait until we have a symptom like pain to do anything about our health.  Truth be told, by  the time your body is letting you know there is a problem with the warning sign of a symptom, that problem has already been there a very long time.  What if we took a different approach to our health. What if we worked on maintaining our health and living our best life, functioning to the best of our ability, before a symptom occured.  Likely, we would never experience the symptom!

Please don’t wait until you have a symptom to do something about your health.  Maximize your life and start taking care of yourself now.  Eat whole, clean foods with lots of good fat.  Exercise regularly.  Manage your stress through meditation, breathing exercises, and daily gratitudes. Drink plenty of clean water.  Sleep, 7-8 hours per night.  Just as important to the latter, get your nervous system checked by a chiropractor.  And please, if you do wait until you are in pain to do something, try chiropractic (a natural, safe form of health care) before you start popping pills.

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